Antique Restoration

With good quality period furniture we firmly believe in repairing to its original condition and NOT over-restoring.

All our antiques are lovingly hand restored by our expert furniture restorer Paul Slemmonds. This example above is a 19th Century credenza which had many layers of paint that was painstakingly removed to reveal the pattern beneath.

Vehicle Restoration

The main lesson we’ve learned along the journey is: Restore for pleasure, NOT for profit!

1956 Bond Minicar: 197cc Villieres 2 stroke, with detachable factory fibre-glass hard top.

1933 Morgan 3-Wheeler: 990cc water-cooled matchless v-twin.

1937 Rolls Royce 25/30: Limousine

1935 Singer Le Mans: Special Speed Model

1955 Bentley Hooper Empress: Hooper Bodied

Various Projects

When conservation, antiques and motors collide.

2 vans + 50 years = Low Carbon Footprint!

Property Conservation, Renovation and Restoration

Wren Architecture comes to Sheen

Paul’s first restoration project was originally built by Sir Christoper Wren in 1696 as the chapel of a girl’s academy in Marylebone and later demolished and rebuilt as a coach house in East Sheen SW14.