Leaping out of my antique chair about 7000 years ago, and we arrive in a blink of an eye to meet the 17th century.
If one is looking for variety in one category of the antique furniture business, then look no more, you have found it in antique chairs, they are almost infinite.
The antique chairs William Slemmonds & Son now sell, cover a period of about 200 years.
Structural condition and originality are paramount. Having a broken top rail on a Victorian balloon back antique chair, or the barley twist upright, even though only one of a set of eight Jacobean style antique chairs is a definite “NO”. Back legs are subject to the highest stress, so if your unruly guest decides two legs are better than four, you might have to make an expensive trip to your antique restorer. Remember, that when you take that weary set of 8 antique chairs for restoration you are actually taking 8 pieces of furniture. So the work, structural, French polishing and reupholstery is multiplied by 8.

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