Until the middle of the 17th century stools were virtually the only form of seat for one person. Many 17th century ‘joint’ or ‘joyned’ stools have been reproduced, many being passed off as antique stools, the same applies to antique benches.
By the end of the 17th century antique stools or antique benches for the lesser mortals, began to be taken over by the chair.
The antique stool as we know it now became less popular, walnut stealing the show from about 1670.
Antique stools now tend to follow the style of chairs of the period, they also tend to be upholstered, with the ‘drop-in’ seat becoming fashionable. By about 1620, the rear legs of the common antique stool were simply projected upwards to provide the framework for an upholstered backrest.
In the main we stock Victorian antique stools, Edwardian antique stools, piano antique stools (being popular), duet antique stools. Also antique benches, French antique benches, oak antique benches, poplar antique benches, pine antique benches, cherry wood antique benches, chestnut antique benches, pairs of antique benches, yew wood antique benches, poplar pairs of benches, all in various sizes.

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