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About William Slemmonds & Son

William Slemmonds history stretches back to the 1680s from shuttle making (weaving tools) in Petworth, West Sussex to a tree surgeon at Kew Gardens (Sam Slemmonds). Half the focus has always been on working with, and understanding, wood.

The last century saw William Slemmonds (born 1883) working in the business at Marks & Spencer Ltd from 1920-1945. His son, William Thomas, (born 1909) was a cabinet maker, designing, making and restoring furniture in the Kings Road, London.

He also worked at Buckingham Palace, Whitehall, 10 Downing Street and Hampton Court Palace.

His son, Paul William entered the family business in 1969 and has had a diverse career in the antiques business ranging from auctioneers assistant in 1973 (working under the watchful eye of Ray Irving of Irving & Associates, 1599 Bayview Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada) to importing and exporting antiques from his various warehouses, shops and outlets in both Toronto and Vancouver.

Below is the moment that Paul had to decide whether to be a farmer or an antiques dealer…

…you can guess the outcome.

He went on to become the Director and Company Secretary of The Antiques and Interiors Group Ltd for 7 years.

The firm is now solely based in the UK. Previously there were three shops in East Sheen SW14, and also up until 2006 it had traded at The Old Cinema, Chiswick for nearly 20 years.

Classic and Vintage Vehicles

Paul also has a passion for classic and vintage vehicles.

Not A Classic Vehicle

On one occasion sustainability, conservation, renovation and restoration fell by the wayside and Paul succumbed to his desires. A brand new Porsche 3.3 Turbo Convertible. Very fast. Nobody’s perfect!

Porsche 3.3 Turbo Convertible

We have now decided to embrace internet trading, by choosing to go exclusively online. William Slemmonds & Son are able to offer their clients a more extensive range of antiques to choose from, than was previously possible in the showroom, coupled with competitive pricing.