Games Tables

Antique games tables have been around for centuries and similar board games played throughout the world since 3000 BC.
Antique games tables followed the design of the furniture makers of the 17th/18th/19th century.
When purchasing, one has to decide if you require a table for 2 or 4 people. Four people, then maybe a satinwood card table, having the swivelling top opening to reveal compartments and baize-lined interior, circa 1825 (Regency period). If you prefer a game of chess or backgammon, then you are looking for a board game. The most basic being a chess board top, these are fairly plentiful and can be of exceptional quality.
Beware of buying flip top card tables with warped tops (referred to as “smiling” in the trade). Tops can easily warp if placed near a radiator or exposed to constant sun light. A difficult and expensive restoration job, if done correctly.

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