Bedside Cabinets/Pot Cupboards

Like most pieces of furniture antique bedside cabinets originated from the simple table. The bedside table or night table was primarily used to place a rush or candle on, helping you to find your way safely to bed.
Taking its natural progression over the years, first the lower shelf, then a drawer appearing under the table top, followed in the 2nd half of the 18th century a form of cupboard on legs became popular, as a night table or comode, the latter being used to conceal a chamber pot.
The design of these commodes (antique bedside cabinets) as sometimes referred to, became smaller as they become popular. The Victorians and Edwardians having the same use for antique bedside cabinets as did the Georgians.
More often than not being included and sold as a bedroom suite. English antique bedside cabinets were very rarely sold in pairs until the 1930/1940s.
I cannot remember the last time I viewed an original pair of Victorian, or Edwardian antique bedside cabinets/pot cupboards, although single specimens are fairly plentiful. Unlike the European’s, especially the French, pairs of 19th/20th century classic antique bedside cabinets are to be found.

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