Farmhouse Tables

The earliest Western tables were simple boards supported on trestles, these are called trestle tables. More often than not, simple board plank rustic looking country tables are referred to as antique farmhouse tables, using indigenous woods and of pegged mortise and tenon construction. It was the French antique farmhouse table, increasingly appearing in England in the 1990’s, that in my opinion helped permeate the term.
Antique farmhouse tables/trestle tables have basically stayed the same for hundreds of years, growing in height seemingly century by century accommodating the chair. The height of 18th/19th century antique farmhouse tables vary from 28in to 30in. Always be cautious and check to see if there’s ample room to place your legs underneath the antique farmhouse table, especially if it has a large drawer fitted to the frieze. Wear and tear to the bottom of the legs will also reduce the height.
We never buy tables with stretchers as they do not allow room for the chair at the end of the table, it is not uncommon to find them removed.

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