Dining Tables

Dining in your own dwelling is thought to have begun in England in the 16th century, you would probably have been seated around 15th century trestle table or the later 16th century refectory table.
The antique dining table that we are familiar with today, was usually located in the dining room. This large formal extending antique dining table was surrounded by a set of evenly numbered single chairs, sometimes having arm chairs at one or either end of the table.
In the late 18th century Gillow’s produced a dining table that could be extended by the addition of loose leaves. By the beginning of the 19th century Morgan & Sanders of Catherine Street, London were advertising a table to seat between four and twenty people.
One or two leaf antique dining tables are relatively abundant, it is when you require seating for a larger amount of guests that the search for a three or four leaf antique dining table can be more time consuming.
Restoration can become costly, especially if there are problems with the telescopic action framework that supports the end beds and leaves, or the whole table really requires French polishing.

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